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An Introduction To The VR Goggles

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Virtual Reality

Fed up of your normal day to day routine? Well now you can change all of that, Virtual Reality is here!!! Now you can experience things you would never get to see without VR. With plenty of apps to choose from you could be anywhere or anything you want. Jump into the world of Star Wars and play the role of Jakku or travel around the solar system or ride a roller coaster the options are endless. Join the VR revolution now.

google cardboard availableWant to see what virtual reality is like but you don't want to pay a lot to try it ? Google Cardboard is the solution for you. With loads of apps available for Google Cardboard you will be able to do just about anything. Go on roller coasters, visit different countries or go back in time. The options are limitless. Become a part of the VR revolution and start seeing a world you never thought was possible. 

freefly glider

Want to travel the world but don't have the funds or maybe you want to go back in time but have no time machine? Well luckily for you virtual reality is here and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. With the Freefly VR Goggles you can have an amazing immersive experience without the massive price tag. You can be in Paris one second and the next be in Star Wars. The options are limitless. If you are into your music you can have an up-close concert with just you there. 

With Freefly VR's Glide controller you are in complete control. The Glide Bluetooth 3.0 wireless controller can also be used to take selfies and is compatible with Android Smartphones, Tablets , Android TV box or use as a wireless mouse. 

  •  Track your 360° head movements (using your existing smartphone)
  • Makes you feel like you're in a virtual world (hence the name!)
  • Soft leather finish for the biggest comfort level even after longer periods of use.
  • Comes with a lens cloth and carry-on box!
  • Free Glide Controller compatible with Android Devices

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